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We held our first executive meeting last weekend and the following might be of interest to you:

The Interprovincial and Interclub will be held in Bloemfontein from the 27th October till 1st November. The Free State was chosen so that it could be accessible to all the provinces. There is presently a list of B & B’s posted on the website under the Free State Tournament. The interprov will begin on Tuesday afternoon and run until the Thursday morning. That afternoon the interclub will begin with the final matches being played on the Sunday morning. The schedule of play will depend on the number of teams entered but I will keep you posted.

The Entry Fees are as follows:
  • Interprovincial: R750 per team
  • Interclub: R1200 per team.

One of my plans of action for this year is to meet with as many players as possible so that we can exchange ideas and generally work together. I was thrilled to be invited by Knysna to play in the Oyster Festival and the Lagoon tournament. So please let me know when I can visit and meet your members.

Pat Truter is our masterpoint secretary and my thanks go to her for an excellent job of work. She has to masterpoint in the region of 5,000 different events annually and that’s no mean feat. In order to assist her, it was decided to relieve her of all the queries and that Ann Sturrock will be the Communication Liaison Officer regarding masterpoints, so in future please address such to her at Masterpoints have always been around but I think we need to exploit it further. It was decided that now that we have monthly promotions (thanks to Pat), we would be able to issue certificates to our members achieving the next rung of the ladder.

The different grades are as follows: SABF MASTERPOINT RANKINGS

Masterpoint ranking boundaries as defined and approved at the AGM during the 2002 SABF National Congress.

  • Member: Below 200 local points (2 Blue points)
  • Club Master: 200–1000 local points (2-10 blue points)
  • Local Master: 1000-2500 local points (10-25 blue points)
  • Master: 2500-5000 local points Provincial Master: 5000-15000 local points (50-150 blue)
  • National Master: Above 150 total points (Red + Blue) (75 of which HAVE to be RED) and below 300 total points
  • Life Master: Above 300 total points (150 of which HAVE to be RED) and below 600 total points
  • National Life Master: 600-1200 total points (300 of which HAVE to be RED)
  • Premier Life Master: 1200-2000 total points (600 of which HAVE to be RED)
  • Grand Master: 2000 total points (1200 of which HAVE to be RED)

Keep warm and enjoy your bridge,


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