#5 - 19th August

Greeting all,

A summary of what’s been happening in the bridge world:

Firstly Rob Stephens, one of our junior players, is competing in the World Junior Championships in Turkey with a Bulgarian partner. He played in a 13 round 10-board Swiss and acquitted himself admirably. His team was called T42 and they came 12th out of 40 teams!! He is receiving great support from the players at the Links and we feel sure he will go from strength to strength.

Our Seniors team, namely: Chris Bosenberg, Val Bloom, Nick Buratovich, Neville Eber, Maureen Holroyd and Brian Marcus and non-playing captain Peter Terblanche are leaving for Sao Paulo next week to compete in the Seniors Bowl. We wish them every success and a safe return.

A ‘trials’ meeting was held 2 weeks ago and after much discussion the following proposals were tabled:
  • All trials would be held at least 8 months before the event to allow for coaching and practice as a team.
  • Requirements for entry into trials:
    South African Passport
    Attendance at national events
    Regular partnerships or committed pairs
    Entrants to be regular club players
    Four year results in major events.
  • Open Trials format:
    Bermunda Bowl – Teams Trials
    World Mindsport games – Pairs trials with 10 or less pairs then pairs trials with teams format.
  • Womens and SeniorTrials and Commonwealth Games:
    With 10 or more pairs – Butler format of 16 board matches with a teams playoff for the 1st 5 pairs. If less then pairs trials with teams format.
  • A trials sub committee is to be formed to take this project further.

All these proposals are in their infancy, but at least we have a starting point to work from.

Next year the Commonwealth Games and the World pairs is to be held in Philadelphia; both take place in October 2010.

Wishing you all good bridge


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