#7 - 4 September

News from Brazil (Senior Team)

- might be outdated as it comes from Peter Terblanche (NPC), but great to get the insights from him.

1st Letter
Despite the fact that the team results are not what we would have wished for at this stage, the team is working really well together and we are all enjoying the cut and thrust of World Championship bridge. We had our best result earlier today against hosts Brazil with Chris Bosenberg, Neville Eber, Brian Marcus and Nick Buratovich scoring a 24/6 win. We are lying near the bottom of the table but are looking forward to the climb up the ladder. We play one of the favourites Australia tomorrow (their team includes the famous bridge author Ron Klinger) and are hoping to emulate the performance of the Boks in
Perth last Saturday. Then on Wednesday we play both the USA1 and USA2 teams so we have a couple of interesting days ahead. The Round Robin stage ends on Saturday and we will need a lot of good wins to qualify for the Quarter Finals.

Besides my role with the SA team I have also taken the opportunity to watch some of the best players in the world at close quarters. This afternoon I sat watched a Bermuda Bowl match between the USA and Morocco. I sat behind the great Eric Rodwell and can only hope that some of his genius rubbed off onto me.

The three sessions of 16 boards each are over and scored by 8pm so we have had time to sample the fare at the local restaurants and discuss the interesting hands of the day. We have found the beef quite outstanding and of course the coffee is some of the best in the world.

Hope that all is well back home, and we will all be keenly awaiting the rugby result on Saturday - as we expected the local TV stations give no coverage to any form of football where the ball is not round.

2nd Letter
The fortunes of the South African Seniors team have turned around since I last emailed you. You have no doubt seen the results on the internet. Yesterday promised to be one of the toughest of the tournament with us playing both of the USA teams. In the first match Neville, Chris, Brian and Nick had a very good draw against USA2 - we actually beat them by 2 IMPS for a 15/15 result. I watched the next match sitting behind Neville and the 8 times world champion Bobby Wolff. The highlight for me was when Wolff was playing in a 3NT contract and Chris falsecarded causing declarer to abandon the obvious winning line of a H finesse through Neville. He tried to execute an endplay that caused him to go down in a contract that was easily made in the other room by Maureen and Val. We won the match 19/11 and I played the same combination in the final match against Argentina which worked well - we won 20/10. We have moved up the leaderboard but are still a long way off 8th spot and a place in the quarter finals.

The match against Japan is on at the moment and after 11 boards Neville, Chris, Brian and Nick are 16/14 up. Hold thumbs for us for the rest of the qualifying matches. Team spirit is high and we are all enjoying the tournament and Sao Paulo. Will go back to the Vugraph Theatre now to watch the end of our match.


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