#10 - 13 October

Greeting all,

I have had a most exciting week trying to get an answer to a question that has puzzled many players: "Can one open a 1nt with a semi-balanced hand? (including a singleton)" Lots of replies were received from a broad spectrum of local players, mainly from those with International experience.

I have also written to David Stevenson (Senior TD in the U.K.) and asked him to peruse our Rules and Regulations that are posted on our web site. He has agreed to do so, but has asked for a little time. He did however state that countries can play any rules they wish and the WBF rules and regulations are for international competitions in particular, but many countries have adopted the WBF standard.

We realize that to change the rules will take time as we have to get a body of players together, that have experienced international and local tournaments, to recommend the changes, but in the meanwhile, with the Inter-provincial and Interclub taking place at the end of this month the SABF have decided to allow the opening of 1NT with semi-balanced hands which may include a singleton. If it becomes part of your system it has to be alerted and a full explanation given. Furthermore, your convention card must state that your 1NT opening/overcall can be semi-balanced and can hold a singleton.

As the Interprovincials will be played using screens, Peter Jackson (TD of the event) has requested that you have a written statement stating ‘can have a singleton’ to be flashed by players on both sides of the screen.

I visited Bloemfontein during the past week and I can tell you that the venue is great - airy, lots of light and there is a great pub - and lunches can be ordered on the premises.

The inter-provincials will be broadcast LIVE on BBO VUgraph, so you can have ringside seats to watch your province battle it out.

InterProvincials Schedule (with hospitality half-time breaks):
  • 1st match: Tuesday 14.00 ending 18.15
  • 2nd match: 19.30 ending 23.45
  • 3rd match: Wednesday 10.00 ending 14.15
  • 4th match: 15.30 ending 19.45
  • 5th match: Thursday 08.30 ending 12.45

These times will be strictly adhered to.

We still have place for teams to enter the Interclub and the closing date is the 16th October.
We presently have 26 teams which will enable us to have a 9- or 10-board round robin.

Look forward to seeing you there,


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