3rd November

Blog 12

The interclub has come and gone, but what a wonderful tournament.
Seeing everyone from all over the country was great. Hopefully we’ll see more teams entering next year.
Bloemfontein was one of the best venues we’ve had in a long time and very central for all who drove down.
I hope you all enjoyed watching the Inter-Provincial on BBO and my grateful thanks to Carol Grunder for undertaking this project.

AT the Bi annual A.G.M I began my report with the following:
‘I have thought long and hard about what the SABF means to all our members and I’m not sure I have any of the answers.’
Well, after being with everyone and listening to all everyone had to say, I believe I do have the answer!!!

We are here to serve our members! It is not only about masterpoints and international competition, but the running of our clubs successfully.
In order to encourage clubs to affiliate, we can offer so much, such as: teaching programmes, arbitration in times of need, and general administration. We have a wealth of experience amongst our bridge players who have offered to assist.
We want our players to all be part of one big family!
After the meeting, I felt that for once in many a long year we are all working together towards a common goal.

After such a successful interclub, we propose starting a BBO interclub league from Thursday the 14th January 2010. It will be a weekly competition, comprising 24 board matches starting at 19.30 in the evening.

The format will be that any affiliated club will enter a team, (If the club has more than 30 tables - 2 teams may enter) the composition will not matter as long as the club undertakes to field the team on a weekly basis. We will be inviting Zimbabwe and Botswana to join us and in fact I have a Skype conference scheduled for Monday and will ask the other African states if they would like to join. We’ll be truly international!

Please indicate your willingness to be part of this tourney and get encourage your clubs to enter with Carol Grunder at grunder.carol@gmail.com.

Warm wishes

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