Posted 21st December

This is my final blog for 2009 and want to take this opportunity of thanking all who have encouraged me in the writing of this blog (by reading it!)

I played in the Cape Festival over the last weekend and needless to say it was an exceptionally well-run and well-organized tournament directed by Andre Truter and Jan Van Dijken and my congratulations to the committee headed by Kitty Cruise and Pat Truter. The format of having a Pro-am, Master pairs, Swiss teams and Pairs certainly catered to the entire bridge community of Cape Town.

Changes to the Masterpoint Scheme Structure-

After much consultation and running many simulations, with Ann Sturrock, our masterpoints registrar, (who is the architect of our computerized masterpoint programme), the structure has been changed to bring the awards for multiple team events in line with those for pairs events.

See the masterpoint scheme on the SABF website for further details. The changes are in red.

Performance Index (P.I.) : In order to place more weight on current form, we have introduced a performance index made up as follows:
The TOTAL red points plus 25% blue points earned over a 5 year cycle = the Performance Index. The P.I. will now place some value in blue points earned and will be an indication of a player’s current form.
This will in no way affect a players current masterpoint status and will feature alongside the masterpoints earned on the masterpoint schedule.

In closing I wish to thank everyone for the encouragment and support I have received over the past months and would like to wish you and your family

Season Greetings and a healthy, happy and safe 2010

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