2010 - Blog 3

I have had many queries regarding the times for Congress this year.
  • We are having a ‘congress’ meeting on the 14th Feb and I will be able to give you more details thereafter, although everything depends on how many teams and pairs actually enter.
  • The entry form will be on the web soon after the 14th.
    What is certainly disconcerting is that accommodation is at a premium in Durban due to the fact that there is a ‘travel indaba’ the same week, so I strongly urge you to do your bookings early.
  • I estimate that the teams will start at 14h00 on the 7th and the pairs are planned to begin on Tuesday the 11th at 14h00 and finish at 12h00 midday on the 14th followed by a prize-giving lunch.
  • But the very, very good news is that The Chief Tournament Director of Africa, Dr Magdy Mesdary will be our chief T.D. for congress. I am trying to arrange a T.D. course or seminar whilst he is here. For me to do this, I urgently need to know who would be interested in such a course so that we can plan his itinerary and whether to hold it in Durban or Johannesburg depending on the number of serious participants that would like to direct in the future. We have a serious lack of T.D.’s in this country and this is a wonderful opportunity for all.

A very big ‘thank you’ to Tim Cope for running a bridge clinic in East London over the last weekend in January. Barbara Brown has written to me lauding Tim and stating what a successful weekend it was and that there were 68 members attending including 5 from Port Alfred. Her most telling statement was that it made the players of the area ‘feel not so isolated’.

Wishing you all a very good week and I will keep you posted.


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