#15 - 15 November

We have just spent a wonderful weekend in Cape Town playing in the interclub.

26 teams took part in this event of which 12 were from Cape Town itself.

The results will be published on the web, but I am pleased to announce that Gauteng did us proud. The winners were the team from JBC, second the Hillbrow team, third was Alliance from Cape Town and fourth was the Waft team from Johannesburg.

The actual tournament ran very, very smoothly thanks to Hilary Nick who took over all the duties associated with running a tournament. Both Tim Cope and Alan Simmonds assisted with the tournament directing as Jan Van Dyjken was unable to t.d. the whole time due to family commitments. My heartfelt thanks to all of them.

The weather was very mild and as a result the venue, being the Italian Club in Milnerton , was very pleasant except for the lighting which wasn’t really adequate for night bridge. The staff were superb and nothing was too much trouble for them.

Next year the interclub will be held in Knysna, date and venue to be advised.

The AGM was well supported by the players and all the provinces will receive copies of the meeting to be available to all the players. One of the issues that was raised was the awarding of Provincial Colours which was unanimously received by all will be awarded from 2011. There are however, issues that have to be resolved and Peter Terblanche, who was the driving force, will serve on a committee to do just that.

I am also thrilled to announce the advent of our bridge forum which will be available on our website. Tim Cope, Bernard Donde, Neville Eber and Craig Gower who have offered to serve on a panel , which I foresee will play an important part in assisting players of all levels.

Of course the panel will change as we have many players that are willing to give of their time but we felt that four was the maximum that could serve on the panel at one time.

It will work as follows: if any player has a problem hand that they have encountered, they can send it to webmaster [at] sabf.co.za and Sid Ismail (who was the originator of the idea) will send it on to the whole panel and their responses will be returned to the applicant. Please note, that this will not be a forum to mediate on any argument between a pair, nor, to discuss any TD ruling that you may not like and we will be very vigilant in making sure this does not happen. So guys and girls this is a great opportunity to pick the brains of our exclusive group. This feature is one more way we are trying to give back to our players.

I can forward my President's Report if you wish to peruse what has and will occur in the near future.

The team that represented us at the Commonwealth Games has returned and I am including a letter received from Desiree Pieters:

On behalf of the 6 of us that went to India, I want to thank you and SABF for giving us the opportunity to go . The bridge was really phenomenal and it was a great experience to be able to play against some of the world’s best. Nelonia and myself thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. The whole event was extremely well organized and our trip to the Taj Mahal was a high light, although it took us 12 hours in the bus there and back! We were also treated to various dinners with entertainment and lunch was offered every day. Coffee, tea and bottled water also available all through the day.

We met Peter Gill from Oz and Paul Hackett from England and they both send their regards to our bridge players that they have met already. Nel and myself did a little tour after the bridge through parts of Rajasthan. India is a debatable country; you either like it or you don’t, me falling into the latter category, Nel into the first. But we still had a good time and the temples and palaces of the older times are stunning and well worth seeing. Lots of marble and inlaid semi precious stones.

Thanks all for now, bridge is calling,


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