Blog #3 - 2012

Hi All,

We are really on the final countdown to the  National Congress  which promises to be a bumper tournament.

We have 60 teams and 148 pairs which is a great entry. Furthermore, we have no night bridge! And that is an added bonus. The WPBU are feverishly getting all the I’s dotted and the t’s crossed. Peter Bircher has planned the pairs’ portion of the event down to a fine art and Heidi is very busy organizing her part of the proceedings together with Jan. I must thank Neil Hayward for offering to do the bulletin at such short notice. It is really appreciated. Kick-off is at 2.00p.m. on Friday the 11th with registration starting at 12.30p.m.

At the A.G.M there will be a new committee elected and as a result I have created a new e-mail address for the SAB F President so that we can have continuity. The address is: and I urge you to all use the address in future.

I have had long discussions with Maccabbi  South Africa and they have invited us to send a team next year 2013. The cost however, is quite prohibitive, being R48,000 which includes all flights, accommodation, entry fee and any tours on offer. If you have any interest in representing South Africa please advise us so that we can arrange trials if necessary. Unfortunately this is one event that is closed to players not of Jewish descent.

After congress the next event is the  WW Sims  in June, that Anna Gudge is handling from the U.K. All clubs have dealt directly with her and I an sure that it will work very smoothly.

The masterpoint cards will be available at congress at long last!

See you soon

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