#5 - 31 May 2011

The Nationals held in Hazyview will go down in our history books as one of the greatest get-togethers we have ever experienced. Having all the players under one roof for the meals just added to the whole ambience. My thanks go to Tim and Craig who conducted informal ‘chats’ about the hands that were played during each day. We had 40 teams and 96 pairs which for an out of city venue was really good and to all of you who managed to be there I thank for making it such a special event.

Futhermore, who would have believed that we would play bridge in a garden on grass with trees growing around us. Yes, we were sheltered from the elements by a beautiful marquee, that thanks to Colin’s ingenuity, fitted all of us in relative comfort.

We ended off with a great party which continued well into the early hours of the morning. Now we have to start planning for the next one which will hopefully take place in Cape Town. I have no further information on this as Kitty Cruise has offered to find a venue and she will then be able to give us dates.

The Interprovincials was a great disappointment in terms of the amount of teams that entered the Berkowitz. In fact at close of entry we had only 2 teams. Fortunately we managed to get 2 more and I thank Knysna and Johannesburg for entering to make it a worthwhile competition. I would really like the provinces to let me know what problems they experienced in fielding a team. In light of this, we took a decision to hold the Interprovincials as a stand-alone tournament over a weekend and next year it will be held in Port Elizabeth, once again dates to be advised. Perhaps August would be a good month between nationals and interclub.

Our A.G.M. was held with a record attendance, there eventually was standing room only and we have incorporated a representative from each province to stand on the council. All the details of your councilors are on the web.

My president’s report is available for those who wish to read it.

In just over 2 weeks our three teams leave for Tunisia to take part in the zonals and I’m sure that they will all meet with success. Today I spoke to the president of the African Bridge Federation who in turn spoke to the Tunisian Federation who assured him that all was peaceful in Tunisia, all the more so because they have moved their general election from July to October. But we are in constant contact until closer to departure date.



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